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Lavish Giftz

Lavish Giftz is a luxury fashion and lifestyle accessories brand founded in Mumbai, India in 2010.


Our handbags and accessories are crafted from luxurious and genuine leather that only gets more beautiful with age. The leather we use is of very high quality, is worked with expertise and attention by our artisans. For this reason, each of our leather bags is unique and beautiful accessory. Each section of the bags are treated and then assembled according to extremely complex and articulated seam procedures. This peculiarity makes our bags stable and safe.

From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are unique, beautiful, reliable and exceptional. 


Our luxury leather handbags are chic, subtle in design with interesting shapes mostly in one solid color and are inspired by global trends.


Shop our 2023 exquisite and unique collection of bags here covering casual business bags, shoulder bags, satchels, sophisticated totes, sling bags, stylish messenger bags, compact pouches, travel bags, roomy duffle bags, purses and many more! 

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